Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dragon Boat Weekend!

Things have been quite busy lately. I spent most of last weekend in Sugar Land waking up at before 6 in the morning for two days for Dragon Boat stuffs. I know, I know... that's REALLY early for me!!

The weather was awesome for the races. Plus, the new location was great. Hopefully we get to stay in Sugar Land from now on!

Tim made it out and got to help with the Finish Line! *click* ^_^

My buddy, Irsan! He showed us Bubble Tea place a couple minutes away from our event with some yummy Milk Tea!!

This is where I spent my two days helping out. Jenny and I ran Merchandising. We were pretty lucky with our location. We could see the main stage and the races!! The 2008 season is over! Yay TDBA!