Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chip Chop Chip

It has been quite busy in my world lately. Picking up new tasks at work and trying to get a class out of the way so I can focus on my other one. Fun times! :-P

I saw Jim Gaffigan's show last weekend that he was taping for Comedy Central. It was great, aside from the punks in the row in front who totally runined the Hot Pockets bit.. GRR!! But after the show, I was able to meet Jim so that made up for it. Hoooot Pockets!

The weather has been quite crazy lately. Earlier this week, it was in the 80s and by night, there was icy rain. It's been driving me nuts switching from freezing cold to sweatin' my bum off. Hopefully it will make up it's mind soon.

I have been doing alot of baking lately - eversince Thanksgiving. Making pumpkin cheesecakes in my new mini cheesecake pan. And then I learned how to brown butter and make madelines. I've made several dozen batches of cookies and of course, cupcakes! I hope that I can get my butt into gear and do some paper crafting, but I think I need to focus on Christmas shopping! >_<